Government, loan shark victims sign four-point agreement

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Lamicchane vowed full implementation of the agreement made with usury victims.

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Kathmandu: The government and usury victims reached a four-point agreement on Monday. The two sides signed the agreement, wherein the government committed to forming a three-member inquiry commission with a mandate to study the issue of loan-sharking and submit a report recommending solutions to end the illegal practice permanently.

Representatives of the government and the struggle committee, who had been in talks since Sunday, reached the agreement. Following the agreement, the struggle committee announced it would withdraw the ongoing protests.

As per agreement, a request will also be made to the Ministry of Finance to make necessary arrangements in the upcoming budget for financial aid, relief and compensation to the underprivileged class so that they do not fall victims to usury.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane vowed full implementation of the agreement made with usury victims. Upon arriving at the talks venue, DPM Lamichhane said that the government was aware of the plight and rights of usury victims. He said that the agreement marked the beginning of solving the issues faced by usury victims.

Lamichhane, who was appointed as home minister a week ago, also apologized to the victims of loan-sharking. According to him, the probe commission would provide suggestions to the government, serving as a basis for further action. “I have also informed Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal about the issues faced by loan shark victims.”

Two weeks ago, hundreds of loan shark victims from Jhapa and Kanchanpur arrived in Kathmandu to exert pressure on the government to resolve the problem.