Combination of sports, adventure and touring

Kamala Chettri

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The rapid rise of motorsports-related games in Nepal over the past decade has been remarkable, capturing the interest and enthusiasm of both participants and spectators, particularly among the youth. Ten years ago, the landscape for motorcycling racing and related events in Nepal was vastly different. However, in recent years, various forms of motorcycling racing have gained significant traction, paving the way for the burgeoning motorsports culture in the country.

With the emergence of racing, rallies, and touring events, Nepal has witnessed a surge in interest not only in motorsports but also in adventure sports and automobiles. These events have become a prominent fixture in the Nepali sports scene, captivating audiences and fostering a sense of excitement and competition among the participants.

The growing popularity of motorsports in Nepal is a testament to the thrill and adrenaline that these activities offer, as well as the increasing accessibility and awareness surrounding such events. As more players (riders ) and millions of spectators engage in motorcycling racing and related activities, it is clear that motorsports have firmly established themselves as an integral part of Nepal’s sports, adventures, and automotive culture.

Moto tour to Moto-Racing:

On the occasion of the 16th foundation day of the Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA Nepal), a Motorcycling Touring Rally will be held in Kathmandu, covering the route from Pokhara to Jomsom during the rally. The Trans -Himalayan Adventure organized by the motorcycling

and touring commissions Nasa Nepal concludes with Time Attack Challenge MotoKhana motorcycle racing at Mustang. This event is significant as it aligns with the national and international athletic sports competition announced by the National Sports Council under the concept of Mountain Sports Games.

This event will contribute to the following objectives:

·        Promotion of sustainable tourism through Nepali sports.
·        Increasing national pride, medals, and prestige through adventure sports.
·        Advancement of the campaign to make Nepal the motorsports destination of the world.
·        Highlighting the history, present, and popularity of motorsports in Nepal
·        Support from the sports sector to make Pokhara and Gandaki provinces tourist capitals.
·        Importance of such endeavors.

Similarly, the event will also promote the location according to the guidelines of the 9th Tourism Day in Nepal, prepared in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board and the International Motorcycle Federation, as outlined in the Two Wheel Touring Nepal Program.

The event scheduled from April 1 to 5, will begin in Kathmandu and traverse through Bandipur, Pokhara, Sarankot, Baglung, Beni, Tatopani, and Ghasa before reaching Jomsom. Participants from Nepal, India, and Bangladesh will take part in this tour. While enjoying the picturesque and captivating landscapes of Nepal, they will return to Jomsom via Kagbeni, Muktinath, and Dhumba Lake, concluding the journey with participation in Motokhana.

Nepal with altitudes ranging from 65 metres to 8848 metres above sea level, is a stunningly beautiful and ethereal country. This event also helps to establish Nepal as a primary destination for sports tourism and adventure enthusiasts worldwide. As a member of the International Motorcycle Federation and one of the main associations for Nepali adventure sports, this association initiated its first program in 2009 with the Women Bikers Championship Rally.

In the present context:

·        Special importance has also been given to touring by FIM.
·        Two-wheel touring is becoming the main attraction of Nepal tourism.
·        There is an extreme growth in motorcycle and touring culture.
·        The attraction of traditional tourist products is decreasing.
·        The attraction to Motorcycle is increasing among women, foreigners, and young people.
·        Motorsport events are becoming popular in sports.
·        The concept of Mountain Sports Games is enhanced by the National Sports Council.

During the program:

During the program photography and videography will be conducted in Bandipur, Pokhara, Ghandruk, Baglung, Tatopani, Rupse Jharna, Lete – Kagbeni- Marfa, Dhumba taal, Jomsom, Muktinath, Lumle and Kusma to raise public awareness regarding safety riding. Similarly, various activities such as Motokhana, selfie Challenge, Flat Track Racing, Best

Riding, and Talent Hunt will be organized in Jomsom. The program will be organized by NASA Nepal Touring and Motorcycling Commission with the support of the National Sports Council.

 In terms of touring on April 5th and 6th, touring participants will have the opportunity to visit and observe the exciting motorcycle racing in the Pame area of Pokhara. They will also have the chance to participate in the demo race. To participate in the rally, Nepalese will need to pay 10,000 rupees, Indians will be required to pay 10,000 Indian rupees, and participants from other countries will be charged 200 US dollars.

An exciting journey from four hundred to four thousand meters high:

Normally, the journey begins from four hundred to four thousand meters high. A total of 50 participants including 23 riders, mechanics, health workers, and technicians will take part in the first weekly touring rally in this region, which will be included in Asia’s calendar. Live news coverage, interviews, and interactions will also be conducted at each step of the rally. Additionally, attractive shields and cash rewards will be presented to the winners of Motokhana in Mustang. Touring participants must have insurance for themselves and their motorcycles while minimum mechanical support and primary medical support will be managed by the association.

The Pokhara Riders Club, a club belonging to this association, has coordinated the Pokhara Enduro event to be held in Pokhara on 5th and 6th of April. This event has been designed to mobilize technical manpower and provide an exciting racing experience to touring riders.

Under the Mountain Sports umbrella, this event will be one of the main event organized across Nepal, alongside Touring, Flat Racing, and Endurance Races.

A nine-member management committee has been formed for this program, with Vice President Anil Kumar Baral as coordinator and Kundan Shrestha as secretary. We believe that this event which is a combination of thrills, adventures, and sports will add a positive chapter in Nepali Sports, Nepali Tourism, and Nepali automobile sector.

Motorcycles with a displacement of 200 cc and above will be included in this event. Moreover, two participants from the touring and racing categories will be provided with an opportunity for international touring and racing.

Motorcycle in transportation, sports, and tourism:

The easy and affordable mode of transportation is one of the reasons behind the excessive growth of motorcycle users. In our country Nepal, we are not well facilitated with easy, affordable transportation, and the limited availability of public transportation has compelled today’s youths and others to choose motorcycles for rides.

The high number of motorcycle users in Nepal can be attributed to several factors:

·        The allure and fashion appeal among youths for motorcycles.
·        Limited availability and difficult access to public transportation.
·        Motorcycles provide an easy, affordable, and convenient mode of transportation.
·          The increasing popularity of sports-related activities.
·        Excessive usage of motorcycles for touring and rally events.

The diverse geographical features of Nepal have made it difficult for four-wheelers to easily access all parts of the country. Motorcycling touring offers an easy and enjoyable means of visiting various tourist destinations that may be inaccessible to other vehicles. Consequently, motorcycles have become the preferred and sometimes obligatory choice of transportation particularly among youths.

In light of the context provided, Nasa Nepal has been regularly organizing different series of sporting activities incorporating motorcycle racing, touring, and rally events. The growth of motorsports-related games and the increasing number of viewers interested in adventurous sports have demonstrated its popularity in our country.

Nepal boasts huge potential in the tourism sector. with the proper management and operation of motorcycles in sports, touring, rallies, and other similar purposes we can effectively promote tourism in Nepal. This will not only support our youths to achieve financial stability and sustainability but also provide an incredible opportunity and platform for sustainable tourism .

The writer is the Joint Treasurer of Nepal Automobiles’ Association.