Karnali Chief Minister Kandel wins vote of confidence

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Yam Lal Kandel, has won a vote of confidence from the Karnali Province Assembly on Thursday. Of the total 40 province assembly members, 35 members were present in the voting process, of which 23 seconded Kandel’s request for the vote of confidence.

Likewise, 12 province assembly members voted against Kandel’s proposal while a province assembly member chose to remain neutral. After the voting in the Karnali Province Assembly, Speaker of Karnali Province Assembly Nanda Gurung said Kandel’s proposal for the vote of confidence tabled as per Article 168 (4) of the Constitution was passed with a majority.

In the Karnali Province Assembly, Nepali Congress has 14 seats, CPN (Maoist Centre) has 13 and 10 are with the CPN (UML). Likewise, CPN (Unified Socialist) and RPP have one each province assembly member in Karnali Province. Also, an independent province assembly member is there. The next meeting of the Karnali Province Assembly is summoned for April 29. (RSS)