Rights organisations call for addressing problems of agriculture labourers

Photo: UNICEF Nepal

NL Today

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Janakpur: Organizations working for the rights and interests of the former bonded laborers and herders have requested the government to end the practice of Harwacharwa, stating that it is a remnant of the slavery system. They have urged the government to end all kinds of problems faced by agricultural workers.

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day today, the National Harwacharwa Rights Forum and the National Dalit Network Nepal issued a joint press release, calling for an end to all forms of labor exploitation and a complete rehabilitation process for the people who formerly worked under the Harwacharwa, Kamlahari, Haliya, and Kamaiya bonded labor systems.

In the same way, the joint press release called attention of stakeholders to the fact that despite the declaration banning the Harwacharwa practice, it exists in eight districts of Madhesh province, and even the preliminary work for restoration has not been carried forward so far.

“We demand that rehabilitation work should be carried out targeting the more than 100,000 pastoralist families who are contributing to the prosperity of Madhesh province by investing their labor and skills in various fields of labor, including agriculture and services, supported by data collection, verification, and scientific classification.

To change the condition of agricultural workers, let International Workers’ Day inspire everyone to move towards ensuring labor rights, including the right to decent work, fair wages, and social security,” said the statement signed by Adhikar Manch President Dashanlal Mandal and RDN President Mohan Od. (RSS)