Cimex scam of selling BYD chargers

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Cimex Inc. Pvt. Ltd., which imports BYD cars, has been found to be removing the traveller charger that comes with the car and selling it to the customer.

Earlier, while importing twenty BYD vehicles, it was found that the company, which was prosecuted for evading customs, was selling the traveller charger that comes with each vehicle.

After the company paid the customs duty for Rasuwa, they removed the traveller charger from all the vehicles, put it in one vehicle, and sold it at a rate of Rs 54,000 to Rs 64,000.

A reputed employee of Cimex told Nepal Live Today that the company removed the traveller charger that comes with ATTO 3 and sold it to the customers that come with it for free, and after finding out about the scam, the customers are angry.

“The company is either selling such chargers or is bargaining by giving a discount to the customer. The employee said that when the customer asked for a discount, they gave them a free charger, emphasising that it was worth Rs 64,000,” said the employee.

“Cimex has also cheated the customs. The chargers come for free with each vehicle, and when it comes, they collect the chargers after clearing customs and sell them, which is a customs fraud,” the employ further added.

Earlier, Cymex had evaded customs while importing 20 E-six BWD vehicles. The customs department decided to take action against the importer of Cimax and collect fines and arrears. The company has gone to court against that decision.

The department informed us that the under-invoicing of Rs 18.5 million was determined for the import of 20 E-six model cars made in 2015.

Cimex representative Aashutosh Gautam denied the sale of chargers. He responded that he had been falsely accused of the crime. 

“We have not committed any crime; we also buy the charger separately,” said Gautam.