Sarlahi section witnesses 90 percent progress in east-west electric railway

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Sarlahi: Ninety percent construction activities under the East-West Electric Railway have been completed in Sarlahi district. The East-West electric Railway is the national pride project.

Information officer of the project, engineer Bhuwaneshwor Yadav, shared that 90 percent construction under the project was over in Sarlahi section in six years of contract.

The 30-km track opening from Banke stream in east to Bagmati River in west under the section is however underway. 

Yadav mentioned that activities to set up base in railway under the ongoing first-phase track of the project would be completed soon. The construction company has accelerated the activities.

Activities to open track was stalled in some places after the Sagarmatha Forest Project and the Murtiya Forest Office did not clear trees reasoning that some farmers of Hariban municipality-5 refused to receive compensation. The progress of this section is therefore zilch.

Engineer Yadav however mentioned that the construction is snail-paced in recent period.

According to Project Office, Lalbandi, the construction company is still to get payment even after completing the stipulated activities. (RSS)