Weather station established in Beni

Image by LATUPEIRISSA from Pixabay

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Myagdi: A weather station has been set up in Beni, the headquarters of Myagdi district in Gandaki province. The Hydrology and Meteorology Office, Pokhara established the weather station in coordination with the Beni Municipality. The Office said information on climate change and weather would be available easily and on time from the weather station.

Office Chief Sujan Subedi said information on temperature, precipitation and wind speed would be promptly available by means of the automatic instruments installed at the weather station and this data would be stored.

“Weather-related information available from the automatic instruments installed at the station would be constantly updated and stored in the central server. Arrangements have been made to disseminate the information via the website connected to the server” said Subedi, adding that the stored and archived weather data and information would be useful for disaster preparedness and risk reduction as well as for study and research.

The previous weather station at Beni was closed after it was destroyed during the skirmish between the then Maoist rebels and the security forces on March 20, 2004.

The Beni Municipality has provided the land for establishing the new weather station at its office premises.

There are 26 weather stations, including the one in Beni, in Gandaki province. Automatic equipment is installed at 12 of the 26 weather stations. (RSS)