Only one student passes SEE from Rajpur rural municipality

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Dang: Only one student passed the secondary education exams (SEE) from Rajpur rural municipality of Dang district.

A total of 250 students from eight secondary schools had appeared the SEE, among which only one made it. SEE is the examination held nationwide after Grade 10.

Vice Chair of the rural municipality, Dhanpati Devi Yadav, informed that a student Gehendra Yadav from Sadharan Namuna Secondary School passed the exam. He secured B+ in grading. A total of 85 students had sat in the exam from his school.

Similarly, students from Janajyoti Secondary School of Bela (56), Shankar Secondary School of Khardariya (45), Dulaiya Secondary School (9), Balkalyan Secondary School of Khangranaka (10), Sikta Secondary School (30), Ganurishankar Secondary School of Bhaisahina (9) and Shivabhakta Secondary School (6) had attended the SEE, but failed the exam.

Vice Chair Yadav informed that she was disappointed to see the result despite huge investment in education. “We invested much in education, but failed to yield expected result,” she admitted.

All these are community schools. Meanwhile, 13 out of 350 students appearing the exam passed SEE from neighbouring Banglachuli rural municipality. (RSS)