Besides making laws, Parliament is place for nation building: Speaker Ghimire

Devraj Ghimire

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has said that the Parliament is a place not only for making laws, but also for nation building.

Addressing a programme organized by the Former MPs’ Forum-Nepal under the aegis of the Federal Parliament Secretariat here today on the occasion of the 66th Parliament Day, the Speaker stressed on the need of holding discussions with the stakeholder bodies on the implementation of the constitution and the laws.

“The law-making body has to be serious and hold the necessary extensive debate and discussions with the stakeholders,” he said.

The Speaker shared on the occasion that there is the practice of endorsing the bills brought by the government after holding discussions on them in the Parliament and opined the law-making would be further enriched if lawmakers themselves make deeper study about the bill.

According to the Speaker, the Former MPs’ Forum has been making its opinions on issues of significance public from time to time, which is beneficial to the State. He added that the Forum is archiving the important works of the Parliament from the first parliament till date.

National Assembly Chair Narayan Prasad Dahal underscored that the Parliament should always work in fulfilling the promises made to the people during the election since the Legislature is the place representing the public aspirations.

“Implementation of the constitution is an important aspect and the constitution is implemented through the laws. The Parliament is a body that formulates the laws and by the same token the lawmakers should also be equally serious on this matter,” the upper house Chair said. As Chair Dahal said, all should work actively to make the Parliament vibrant and the lawmakers and the former MPs both have an equal role to that end.

Deputy Speaker Indira Rana suggested that the incumbent lawmakers and the former lawmakers should hold interactions together for making the parliament effective and the knowledge of the former MPs should be utilized for expert advice when needed.

National Assembly Vice-Chair Bimala Ghimire underscored the important role of lawmakers in making the Parliament systematic and dignified, pointing out the need of paying attention to the prosperity of the people by implementing the federal democratic republic. She also made it clear that the laws and systems enacted by the Federal Parliament will have its impact in all the seven provinces as well.

Former Speaker Daman Nath Dhungana asserted that the Prime Minister and the Main opposition party should be the most responsible to make the Parliament effective. He stressed that the Parliament should be empowered by abiding by the constitution.

Former Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota urged the Parliament to pay attention to the law-making and addressing the issues of the people since having the constitution implemented is the main responsibility of the Parliament.

Former Speaker Taranath Ranabhat said that once getting elected as the lawmaker the parliamentarians should give attention to the issues of people and the nation. He suggested that the Prime Minister and the opposition party should play even more constructive and strong role to make the parliamentary activities richer.

Secretary-General of the Federal Parliament Secretariat Padma Prasad Pandey said the role of the Former MP’s Forum is important in making the Parliament systematic and effective.

The Parliament Day is observed commemorating the first elected parliament that met for the first time in the country on Asar 16 2016 BS. Today also marks the World Parliament Day.

Forum President Omkar Prasad Shrestha said that the Forum has been providing suggestions that the State needs and urged the State to give attention to the health care of the former MPs. (RSS)