Farmers get mini tillers in grants

Photo: Nepal Agricultural Federation

NL Today

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Kanchanpur: In order to promote commercial farming, the Krishnapur Municipality Ward No. 2 in Kanchanpur district have provided the farmers with mini tillers in grants. The farmers received the mini tillers with 50 per cent in grants.  

The mini tillers were bought by the farmers’ groups and agriculture farms and were provided to seven farmers, chairman of Krishnapur Municipality Ward No. 2 Arjun Saud said.

The ward office contributed Rs 300,000 for each mini tiller machine while the farmers paid an equal amount of money.

“We have given mini tillers in grants to the farmers to promote commercial farming. I am sure that this move will support in capacity building of the farmers too,” Saud said.

The ward chairman shared that other farmers would also be included in the upcoming fiscal year adding that all the commercial farmers could not be included in this effort this year.

He added that improved seeds, insecticides and other equipment are being offered to the farmers to encourage them as commercial farmers.

Priti Rana, a beneficiary, said that use of a mini tiller will be supportive of replacing the oxen to plow her farm and will make her competitive. (RSS)