Chief Minister Singh seeking a vote of confidence today

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Janakpur: Chief Minister of Madhesh province Satish Kumar Singh will take a vote of confidence of the Provincial Assembly today.

Chief Minister Singh is going to take the vote of confidence according to the constitutional provision to do so within 30 days of the formation of the new government.

The provincial government was formed on June 7 under the leadership of Singh of the Janamat Party, which is the fourth largest party in the Madhesh provincial assembly with 13 MPs.

As the Nepali Congress and UML have announced to vote in favour, Singh is likely to win a majority of the provincial assembly.

In addition to the 13 MPs of Janamt, among 107 members in the Assembly, 25 MPs are from CPN-UML, 22 from Nepali Congress, 19 from Janata Samajbadi Party, nine from LSP, nine from CPN-Maoist Center, Seven from CPN-US, and one each from RPP, Nepal Samajbadi Party and Nagarik Unmukti Party.