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Net zero carbon emission target achievable for Nepal with strong government commitment

Kathmandu: At COP26 in 2021, Nepal announced an ambitious net-zero carbon emissions target. Nepal unveiled

Meet the Nepali doctor who is remembered for his services in a rural New York County

Kathmandu: He was not born in the United States. Nor did he spend his formative

From the Himalayas to the United States: Dr Binod Khadka’s medical journey beyond the borders

Kathmandu: Shortly after connecting on Google Meet, I inquired of Dr Binod Khadka: “Did you

Mister mayor, your stunts are dangerous!

Kathmandu was abuzz with preparations for a significant local election. Prominent figures from CPN-UML and

The wrong way: Political parties in Nepal are trying to elect someone who works at their behest as the president

Kathmandu: Nepal’s constitution has set a clear provision related to the powers and duties of

Talk is cheap: The new government should lead by example on good governance

Kathmandu: In Nepal, successive governments have failed to ensure accountability and transparency. In some cases,

Nepal gets new Finance Minister amid economic doldrum

Kathmandu: When Bishnu Prasad Paudel, a CPN-UML leader with no expertise in economics, was appointed

Cronyism, protectionism and rampant corruption likely to push Nepal to the brink of economic disaster

Kathmandu: The economy of Nepal is in the throes of turmoil with continuity of economic

Govt unveils annual budget of Rs 1,793 billion for Fiscal Year 2022-23

Kathmandu: The government on Sunday unveiled the budget of Rs 1,793 billion for the next

Is Nepal heading toward the worst economic crisis?

Kathmandu: A few days ago, three former finance ministers, organizing a press meet, said that

The river is dying: A sad tale of loss and contamination of Trishuli 

Dhading: While growing up, Hari Ale, a local of Trishuli, learned river activities in a

Amid sluggish government response, Covid-19 third wave rampages the country

Kathmandu: When Covid-19 appeared to be under control, the government didn’t care much about the

Pfizer vaccine rollout hits a snag as Nepal runs out of syringes

Kathmandu: The government’s plan to administer the Pfizer vaccine to children aged 12-18 has become