Mahabir Paudyal

Why the ‘US-funded’ MCC projects in Nepal must break away from the cycles of delays and cost overruns

Prolonged delays and cost overruns are the major setbacks bedeviling Nepal’s infrastructure projects–including the national

Memorializing the man who worked for Nepal’s constitution

Kathmandu:  The chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, both the first and second ones, from 2008-2012

Interview |‘Genuine partnership and collaboration are hallmarks of Nepal-Finland relations:’ Riina-Riikka Heikka, Finnish ambassador to Nepal

Kathmandu: Nepal-Finland relations go back to the 1950s, with diplomatic relations between the two countries

She came, she saw and helped women conquer the malaise

Kathmandu: She originally comes from across the seven seas—too far from Nepal—but her heart and

From Germany with love: Dr Arne Drews’ relentless support to Nepal’s public health facilities

Kathmandu: Imagine a person, who is not the native of this soil, but who cares

Clearing the air about America’s MCC Nepal Compact

Kathmandu: On August 29, one day before the MMC Nepal Compact reached the entry into

Foul play: Government’s bid to transfer police officers smacks of ill-intention to weaken probe into the fake Bhutanese refugee scam

Kathmandu: In a flagrant intervention attempt by the governing Nepali Congress and Maoist Center to

Miffed by New Delhi’s constant demurral, stakeholders in Kathmandu press for making EPG report public

Kathmandu: EPG report is a subject of discussion in Kathmandu again.  At a time when

Love, hope, concerns and best wishes: EU ambassador’s Nepal reckoning

She came as the ambassador of the Delegation of European Union to Nepal in September,

Americans are welcome, but when will you send your president to Nepal?

Whenever American officials–top or moderate ranking–land in Kathmandu, it becomes news in Nepal, China and,

Why Swarnim Wagle should win

You will understand this article only if you read until its last word. I was

In defense of Nepal Army: Let’s debate, let’s not disparage

A debate is going on about the role, accountability, and fairness, or lack thereof, of

Interview| ‘EU shares many values with Nepal, one of them is the importance of education:’ Nona Deprez, EU ambassador to Nepal

The Delegation of European Union to Nepal organized third ‘Study in Europe’ Fair, a one-day

Two successive Nepali prime ministers addressed the Summit for Democracy and lied to the world

Nepal being invited to participate in the second Summit for Democracy—a signature program started by