Rhishav Sapkota

“Say no to tobacco”: How possible is it in Nepal?

On November 28, 2023, Kathmandu Metropolitan City issued a statement prohibiting the sale of tobacco

How the cost-sharing model to tackle neonatal and childhood disability in Province 1 works

In 2019, the provincial government of Nepal’s Province 1 decided to implement the Disability Prevention

“Structural reform is still a long shot”: Nepal’s young lawyers open up about judiciary debacle

Kathmandu: In recent months, the Supreme Court of Nepal has faced arguably the biggest protests

Highlights from KIMFF 2021

Kathmandu: The 19th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, which featured 60 films from 28 countries,

Commentary | The slow fade of the protests taking aim at Nepal’s chief justice

Kathmandu: Most familiar lawyers who’d be trodding the corridors of Supreme Court donning black jackets

KIMFF 2021 to put focus on climate change

Kathmandu: The 19th iteration of the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival is slated to start

“14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible” reviewed: The man who shocked the world

It is a shame that Nepalis don’t often get a chance to taste the delight,

“Studies of financial burdens imposed on communities by climate-induced disasters are scant and inadequate”: Rajan Thapa

‘Climate change is not the direct cause of all climate-related disasters. We cannot be too

Nepal witnesses a sharp decline in “incidences of multidimensional poverty”: Report

The National Planning Commission released a report on the Multidimensional Poverty Index: Analysis Towards Action

World Vlog Challenge highlights the despoliation of Khumbu region by climate change

While realistic and effective policies will make redress possible in this delicate ecosystem, widespread awareness

Dr Ishan Adhikari nerves himself for a systematic fight against epilepsy in Nepal

Kathmandu: It is a Monday evening and we’re seated at a hip, quiet Himalayan Java

The pandemic has further increased Nepali children’s vulnerability to forced labor and trafficking

Kathmandu: On October 2, a total of 12 children aged between 13 and 17 who

In Purano Ghar’s “Ma”, an ageing actor’s soul-searching quest to discover his true self

Till the end of the play, it was clear what he was doing. He was

Highlights from Nepal-European Virtual Film Festival 2021

Kathmandu: The 2021 iteration of the Nepal-European Virtual Film Festival ran from September 17 to