Shreena Nepal

Women in Nepali society: An overview of Lichhavi era and Vedic age

Long struggle for the recognition of equality, struggle for fundamental rights, struggle for social inclusion,

Rape offense is not just rape offense, do not normalize it

Perhaps rape offences are the only offences in which victims are blamed more than the

Blog | What’s emotion got to do with gender?

In “The one with the male Nanny,”  episode 6 of the American television sitcom Friends,

Blog | Why objectification of women must stop

Isn’t your color too dark? Isn’t your weight too heavy? Aren’t you too skinny? Isn’t

Blog | 16 days of activism: Say no to child marriage

For most Nepalis marriage is an ultimate goal of their lives. But the ideals that

Blog | 16 Days of Activism: Why women must speak up for equality

“It’s just a stare, don’t worry although you dressed-up that way to be stared at.”

My fellow women, break the illusion, break the silence and speak up

Isn’t it fascinating how girls have been designated with the pink color from the very

Blog | Every child is special, recognize their talents

I recently watched the movie ‘Serious Men’, which shares an interestingly intriguing story of a

Stop blaming the rape survivors, speak up for justice

Another day, another story, same so-called influencers, and idols asking for justice on social media.

Don’t blame women, blame misogyny 

“Mamu, let’s read the Swasthani story. Isn’t this the time to read, please let me

Girls and women, we have had enough. Let’s speak out for ourselves

Once I heard a bunch of girls talking about patriarchy. One of them said, “even