Simone Galimberti

G20 Summit: How the West lost plot to India

I read it several times and each time I found it more and more shocking.

Power vs rights of indigenous people

Can a developing country so desperate to earn foreign currency and reduce its balance of

Why Dalit Lives Matter

Pradip Pariyar is the Founder and Chair of Dalit Lives Matter Global Alliance (DLMGA) and

What name should Nepal give to Province 1?

I am starting this piece with a small spoiler alert about the recently released Heart

Is the proposed Education Bill really flawed?

The recently proposed Federal Education Bill is creating uproar with representatives of private schools balking

Why Nepal’s Prime Minister must attend United Nations General Assembly in New York

I make this simple and straight: New York should be the place where Prime Minister

How caste-hate speech is helping to entrench discrimination

I am taking interest in hate speech in the country. The trigger was a report

A digital pact to counter online hate

When we talk about new technologies, we are really in the middle of a big

How Sagarmatha Sambaad can help reshape Nepal’s global image

We often discuss what a country like Nepal can do to promote itself in the

Infusing imagination in Nepal’s foreign policy

The visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda to India, once again, exposes an

Power to youth by councils

The delegation of the EU to Nepal recently launched a new application process for youths

Should Rastriya Swatantra Party join the government? They could take a leaf out of the book of Canadian politics

Many consider it too boring, unexciting and unworthy to follow. I personally think the opposite.

Debating the discourse of discrimination against Dalits with JB Biswokarma

The Constitution of Nepal has been praised as one of the most progressive charters and

As PM Prachanda is participating in Democracy Summit, responsive governance is what he needs to care about

It is a pity that Nepal was not invited to co-host the upcoming second edition