Interview | “The current crisis in banking system is slowly coming to normalcy,” Manoj Gyawali, deputy CEO of Nabil Bank

Rosy Giri

The banks and financial institutions are facing a tough time due to a shortage of

Interview | ‘The Loss and Damage fund is a remarkable outcome at COP27:’ Manjeet Dhakal, Head of LDC Support Team

NL Today

Manjeet Dhakal is Advisor to the Chair of the LDC Group at the multilateral process

Interview | “Leprosy is a poverty-related disease. As long as poverty exists, leprosy exists”
Manish Aryal

The Damien Foundation is a pluralist and apolitical NGO aiming for a future ‘free of

Interview | “With the right leadership with integrity, competency and understanding of society, economy and politics, Nepal can also change”: Rabindra Mishra
NL Today

Rabindra Mishra wears many hats. The former BBC journalist is a writer, a poet, a philanthropist, 

Interview | Civil society needs to make the public sphere more pluralistic: Prof Laura Adams
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Laura Adams is an academician-turned-development professional focusing on democracy, civil society and participatory development. She

Interview | ‘International community has to pressurize Bhutan to free political prisoners’: Ram Karki 
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Born and brought up in Bhutan, Ram Karki fled Bhutan to India on 19 august

Democracy is under threat from false online information, says journalism educator Linda Austin
NL Today

Linda Austin is an award-winning editor and journalism educator who is schooled in instructional design

Interview | ‘Canada has one of the strongest agricultural research systems, it can help Nepal in its agricultural development’: Dr Kalidas Subedi
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Dr Kalidas Subedi is an agricultural scientist, who works for the Government of Canada as

Eighth Constitution Day: Light of democracy will continue to shine with the politics of integrity and ideals, says former President Yadav
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Kathmandu: The first President of the federal democratic republic of Nepal, Dr Ram Baran Yadav,

Interview | ‘Qatar welcomes everyone to come to participate, watch and enjoy the FIFA World Cup:’ Qatar’s Ambassador to Nepal
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The State of Qatar is hosting the world’s biggest football event–FIFA World Cup 2022–starting from

Interview | ‘Attention to socio-economic vulnerability for Covid-19 infection is important to address disparities across population groups:’ Dr Drona Rasali
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Dr Drona Rasali has been the Director of Population Health Surveillance and Epidemiology at British

Interview | ‘Our political leaders have deluded us with ideological slogans and outdated doctrines as recipes for development:’ Kul Chandra Gautam
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Kul Chandra Gautam needs no introduction. He served as the UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy

Interview | “Sexual and reproductive health issues should be everyone’s concern”:  Tushar Niroula, Executive Director, Sunaulo Parivar Nepal 
Shrutika Raut

Marie Stopes Nepal is a representative office of MSI Reproductive Choices, UK. MSI Reproductive Choices