Nepali Embassy in Japan forms Covid-19 Response Committee


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TOKYO: The Nepali Embassy in Japan has formed a Covid-19 Response Committee to provide support to Nepal in its effort to prevent and control Covid-19 as well as to treat the infected ones.

The meeting of stakeholders convened in Tokyo, Japan on May 9 and chaired by Nepali Ambassador to Japan Prativa Rana formed the committee in participation of the representative from the Non-Resident Nepali Associations (NRNA).

The newly formed Committee is coordinated by Bhawan Bhatta and has representatives of NRNA, Federation of Nepalis Journalists’ Japan chapter, social organizations, and sister organizations of various political parties in Nepal among others.

The Committee has urged all the Nepalis in Japan to provide utmost support to help Nepal fight against the second wave of coronavirus infection.

During the meeting, coordinator Bhatta pledged 1 million Japanese Yen (equivalent to approximately Rs 10,80,382) for Covid-19 response efforts in Nepal.

Similarly, NRNA Japan has announced to provide 300,000 Japanese Yen (equivalent to approximately Rs 324,114) and NBA Japan 100,000 Yen (equivalent to approximately Rs 108,038) among others.

Likewise, MONA Japan and Dolakha Japan Society have committed to providing 50,000 Japanese Yen (equivalent to approximately Rs 54,019) each to Nepal.