Home delivery of essentials resumes, e-commerce businesses breathe a sigh of relief

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Kathmandu: The District Administration Office of Kathmandu has lifted the restriction on home deliveries of essentials and takeaways by online services within Kathmandu valley from June 15. According to the new arrangement in effect until June 21, deliveries can be made until 7 pm, confirmed Assistant Chief District Officer Janak Raj Bhatta.

On June 7, the Supreme Court issued an interim order in a writ petition for the government to allow online delivery of essential items after following safety protocols, citing that the Covid-19 Crisis Management Ordinance 2021 only covers non-essential items. The ban, which had been in effect since April 29, had restricted online home deliveries from 6 to 9 am.

The CDO’s latest decision has come as a relief to the valley’s e-commerce businesses.

Aalok Subedi, CEO of SiliconHire Pvt Ltd, who was assisting e-commerce companies in obtaining permission to resume online deliveries, stated that they are also awaiting the court’s final order.

The CDO’s latest decision has come as a relief to the valley’s e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce companies have been persistent in their attempts to pressure the government to enact comprehensive legislation governing e-commerce businesses. Currently, preparations are being made in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies to introduce legislation pertaining to e-commerce businesses.

However, stakeholders have raised concerns about complexities regarding refund policies, orders from outside Nepal, data privacy, and so on, and their inclusion in the bill.

“Due to lack of such comprehensive legislation, many businesses are run through social media accounts, which makes accountability and transparency difficult to monitor,” Subedi explained.

“The upcoming Act should address the needs of businesses as well as customers. Without laws that protect the legitimate concerns of businesses, Nepal is bound to be in the back seat in economic innovation”, he adds.

According to Subedi, E-commerce Association Nepal, a network of e-commerce businesses is further planning to enable the delivery of non-essential items, as repeated lockdowns will only surge the need for delivery of such goods.