OppoHack 2021: 6 winning tech startups announced

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Kathmandu: Oppo has announced the winners for the just-passed OppoHack 2021 event.

The event featured five workshops from Stephen Smith (Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo), Marco Donadeo (Director at Red Thread Ventures), Vivian Chan (Global Head of Digital Sales at NextTech AR Solutions), Hongyu Sun (Senior Director at Oppo Seattle Research Center), and Yi Xu (Associate Director at Oppo US Research Center).

Since starting in June, the event has been well received among entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts around the globe, receiving projects from China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, and other 20+ countries and regions. More than 500 individuals and teams signed up with 60+ qualified projects entering the preliminary round.

Top 11 projects were selected into the final, which was live-streamed on the internet.