I am 28, I had a brain stroke. Here is what happened afterward

We should not take our health for granted. Visit the doctors if you feel any symptoms of weakness in the body or severe headaches before they get worse.

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Anit Chaudhary

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Researches say Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. But I say for you your father and mother are the richest assets. Fathers, mothers, doctors, nurses and medical personnel are the greatest warriors of your life. 

I come from Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitian City, Dang and am currently living at Harisiddhi Lalitpur. I am writing this from Annapurna Institute and Applied Science Hospital, Kathmandu after successful bypass surgery of my right brain. This is the story of my brain stroke and surgery. 

You are the most beautiful, handsome, hardworking person that God has ever created. 

Two months ago, I first realized I could not even hold 2.5 liters of water in a bottle. I didn’t know why. 

I was on my way to impress my seniors with my ICT abilities at work. I used to work continuously for 18 hours a day just to get my office website fixed. As soon as the website went live, my office colleagues, seniors started questioning the quality of the website. Such incidents made my stress level up and I started to work 18 hours every day to get it done. I had no time for my newborn baby and wife either.

Suddenly, I began to feel that my thumb, index and middle fingers became weak. I thought this was because I was not having proper rest. Then I felt even the bones of my fingers were not functioning well. So I went to see an Orthopedic doctor at Patan Hospital. There were no doctors there and I returned. On the same day, I went to a bank to deposit money. I struggled to write the account number in the deposit slip—I made several mistakes. Then I went home and slept. When I woke up I wanted to smile but felt some difficulties. At the same time, I had a severe headache. Then I went to Godawari Medicity Hospital to get my blood pressure checked–it was 130/100. The nurses were shocked and advised me to stay for a while at the hospital. Even then I was thinking about my pending works. So I went back to my home to accomplish them. 

The next morning, my left hand and shoulders were not working properly. I was not able to walk on the stairs with ease. Meanwhile, my parents were getting anxious. My father contacted Ranju Devkota at Annapurna Hospital and she advised him to take me to the hospital without further delay to stop further brain stroke. We were at Annapurna Hospital at Maitighar the next moment. 

I underwent different tests–CT scan, MRI, Angiography, and so on. After two hours at the hospital, I started to feel my left hand and leg were missing. I was diagnosed with multiple brain strokes.  This changed everything. 

I was dependent on a wheelchair even to go to the washroom. Every medical personnel was shocked to see my situation. Then Dr Basant Pant, who for me is like a godfather, advised me to get admitted. He explained that I was taking a lot of stress at work. He was showing fatherly behavior with me which made me comfortable. Then Dr Jesica Shrestha came to see me on the emergency bed. When I was shifted to the cabin from the emergency bed Dr Jaya Satyal came to do acupuncture. She referred me to Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital.

My brothers were staying with me at the hospital to take care of me–take me to the washrooms, help me do physical exercises and so on. They were also tired after staying with me for three weeks at the Naradvi Hospital. One of my brothers said it openly, which devastated me. I was becoming a burden on my family too. 

One of the doctors advised me to meet psychiatrist Dr Baikuntha Manandhar, who suggested I watch motivational videos. I started to work out on my exercise three times a day to get my body functioning. I also had to go with the severe treatment of steam bath as my hands and legs were numb and I couldn’t feel the heat of steam. I also had to go with Shirodhara to cool down my headache and blood pressure. It helped me to keep calm and relaxed. 

One day I was given a steam bath directly on my legs. I pushed my legs since I was feeling the heat on my skin. I started to feel my leg and hands. It was relaxing. After about 15 days at Naradevi Hospital, I could walk independently. I was advised to come on follow-up at Annapurna Neuro Hospital to see if the veins of my brain were working properly. I underwent CT scan and angiography for the second time.

I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of respect for the doctors. I wanted to kneel down to thank them.

Then Dr. Basant Pant advised bypass surgery to speed up the recovery process and reduce the chances of future stroke. The date for surgery was fixed for October 5. I was told to stay calm but I was nervous. I was led to the Operation Theater. When I regained composure after surgery, I felt as if I had lost my left hand. I felt like vomiting inside the mask. 

One of the doctors was visiting me frequently to wake me up and to take updates. He was like my elder brother. Then I saw that my fingers were moving. The doctor demonstrated the success rate of surgery. I felt like in heaven. When the doctors came on a visit, I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of respect for them. I wanted to kneel down to thank them. Dr. Basant Pant, in particular, was so happy to see my recovery.

My message to all is we should not take our health for granted. Visit the doctors if you feel any symptoms of weakness in the body or severe headaches before they get worse. 

Anit Chaudhary is an IT engineer.