Bagmati Province Chief Minister Pandey to undergo floor test today

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Kathmandu: Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Rajendra Pandey is taking a vote of confidence in the Province Assembly on Monday.

He was appointed the Chief Minister on October 28. As per the constitutional provision, Chief Minister should take a vote of confidence from the Province Assembly within 30 days since the government is formed.

Bagmati Province Assembly Speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha shared that the province assembly meeting is taking place at 3 pm today and the process to take the vote of trust will initiate from the same meeting.

“All the processes related to taking the vote of confidence will complete today if the time allows. Otherwise, the remaining process will be carried out tomorrow”, he said.

There is a high chance that Pandey who became Chief Minister on the backing of 59 out of 109 members in the Province Assembly would receive a vote of confidence without any difficulty.

Chief Minster requires 55 votes to win the confidence of the Assembly. The ruling coalition has 59 votes.

It is noted that the CM would expand the cabinet once receiving the vote of confidence. Earlier, CM Pandey had formed a four-member cabinet