Mrs. Nepal World Dikshya KC: ‘Success is about being better than what one was yesterday’

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Kathmandu: Dikshya KC, a native of Lalitpur, recently bagged the title of Mrs. Nepal beauty pageant. As a titleholder of Mrs Nepal, KC, who is also a freelance fashion designer and a trained salsa dancer, will represent Nepal in Mrs. World, being held in the USA.

KC recently talked with Nepal Live Today about her motivation behind participating in Mrs Nepal and how she is preparing for a global pageant, among other things.

What motivated you to participate in Mrs. Nepal World?

Since childhood, I had a nature to serve and live for the people in need. As pageantry gives you a window of opportunities, I had a strong belief that it will be a gateway to start my journey of serving the nation through social works of different kinds.

How do you define beauty and how do you drive purpose in beauty?

Beauty is not just what you see outside. For me, beauty is what is inside of you. How kind and positive you are from within defines true beauty. A person with a good heart and pretty soul will always be determined to do something great in the world to make a change towards betterment.

With the win in Nepal, you will now represent the country at the Mrs. Nepal World 2022. How will you prepare for the global pageant?

I am fortunate enough to get a chance to represent Nepal at such a prestigious event. As I will be the voice of our nation, especially the voice of all the married women. I will have to focus on each and every area; having said that, I cannot only focus on my body, walk, smile or hair but I will have to sharpen my mind at the same time.

First and foremost, I would like to enhance my communication and analytical skills. I personally believe one needs to have good communication skills which eventually is required to express an individual and on the other hand, analytical skill is also a must when it comes to the pageant.

Together with this, I will involve myself in community-based activities where I will dive deeper into the status of women in Nepal, the status of cancer patients and work rigorously on cancer awareness programs.

This year the theme of the contest was ‘campaign for cancer awareness. What is your plan to contribute to the cause?

Cancer has been one of the leading death causes in the world. Thousands of individuals lose their lives and the situation here in Nepal is also scary. It has been known that lung cancer is one of the most common cancers seen in male whereas cervix cancer in women.

Having said that, we will have to create campaigns where we can educate individuals from local levels and make them understand the effect on an individual’s life.

I will try to tie up with cancer hospitals and other non-government institutions. With joint effort, we can organize various events so that the majority of them acquire knowledge about cancer and self-aware themselves. I will also create fundraising programs for needy cancer patients who cannot afford their treatments and are eagerly seeking help.

On top of that, there are a lot of cancer survivors who later face mental health issues and cannot be so open about this situation they are in. In the near future, I would like to open a community-based home where cancer survivors can stay post-cancer for a few months before they start their new journey. This will help us serve and inspect them closely.

What are the other causes that are close to your heart?

I am the co-founder of Pearl Montessori School where we aim to provide quality education by making Chandragiri municipality a 100 percent literate area. It’s a child’s right to get proper quality education for a bright future. I would also like to put my focus on including mental health as a compulsory subject in the curriculum from secondary level till postgraduate. This will help us create awareness since childhood which will further lead to a positive, healthy-minded youth.

What do you value the most in your life?

Life is a precious gift of God. I value God and every creation of God. The universe provides us double of what you give to it, so keep serving selflessly and good things will happen to you.

How would you describe success?

Success is something that you have to define for yourself. I believe success is about being better than what one was yesterday. The biggest competitor of your life is the person you were yesterday. Success also comes with happiness, so do what makes you happy to become a successful person.

In your opinion, what is one of the biggest challenges young Nepali women face today?

The society of Nepal is male-dominated with deeply rooted traditional values. Education for girls is not a priority in most areas. Discrimination between genders is found commonly in society.

Domestic violence is also a major issue prevailing in our society. A lot of Nepali women face domestic violence and are scared to come out and speak for themselves. Cases of rape, acid attacks, human trafficking, dowry system and many others lead young women to suffer from mental health issues as well.

Lastly, what is your message to young women aspiring to participate in beauty pageants?

To all the young aspiring ladies I suggest you experience this platform once in a lifetime in order to find who you are and what you are capable of. Pageantry is the field that boosts confidence and motivates you to explore and encourages you to stand for society and contribute to the nation. This platform provides you with different opportunities to build bonds between like-minded and driven individuals.