China asks Nepalis not to be misled by false reports

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Embassy of China in Kathmandu has asked the Nepalis not to be misled by the false reports regarding encroachment on Nepal’s territory, restrictions on supplies to Nepal, and allegations of interference in Nepal’s internal affairs.

The statement issued by Wang Xiaolong, Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, says that China and Nepal are traditional friendly neighbors with China unswervingly adhering to “Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence” and respecting Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The statement says that China develops bilateral friendly relations on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. “China considers Nepal as an important partner of the Belt and Road Initiative, and does not attach any political conditions to its aid to Nepal,” says the statement.

Reiterating that the Chinese Embassy in Nepal has clarified repeatedly that China and Nepal have resolved the boundary issue through friendly consultations as early as the 1960s and there is no border dispute at all, the statement further says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal has also clarified the matter. “It is hoped the Nepali people will not be misled by individual false reports,” says the statement.

The embassy has said China has provided Nepal with a large number of medical materials, including vaccines and liquid oxygen to help Nepal withstand the impact of the pandemic. “The Chinese side opened one-way cargo transportation to Nepal by overcoming great difficulties and has continuously enhanced the ports’ cargo handling capacity, which played an important role in ensuring the supply of anti-pandemic and livelihood materials in Nepal,” says the statement.