Oppo illustrates zero-battery future powered by wireless signals

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Shenzhen: In the near future, IoT devices will be able to harvest energy directly from Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellphone signals, resulting in excellent features such as smaller size, better durability, and lower cost.

Electronic tags are applied to locate the items without replacing or recharging the tag battery. Meanwhile, every endangered migratory bird will be equipped with long-distance tracking devices. Therefore, the number of batteries will be significantly reduced. Those are the futuristic scenes pictured in Oppo’s”Zero-Power Communication” white paper.

Zero-Power Communication tags can be attached to easily lost items, enabling them to be located easily in a long-distance without ever-changing battery.

On January 20, the Oppo Research Institute officially released its new white paper on Zero-Power Communication.

The paper examines the technical positioning of Zero-Power Communication technology in the context of current unmet demand in the IoT space while outlining a future roadmap for the technology to develop in coexistence with other communications systems of the future.