Health Foundation Nepal raises USD 8,000 to work in Nepal

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Boston: The Health Foundation Nepal (HNF) organized an annual fundraising dinner in Boston, United States on the eve of New Year 2023.

It witnessed participation of 80 people, and raised about  USD 8,000 for mental health projects in Nepal. 

NRNA NCC past senior VP Dr Arjun Banjade, NRNA Massachusetts chapter president Prem Tamang, Greater Boston Nepalese Community President Anju Thapa and PABFONE Gen Secretary Gaurab Thapaliya addressed the dinner event. 

Cofounder and President of HFN Dr Shreedhar Paudel, welcomed the donors  and briefed about HFN mental health projects for mothers, senior citizens and people with serious mental illnesses in Nepal. 

Lead singer Biraj Gurung and a young singer Samyak Adhikari performed in the event. DJ Sandip Bhattarai led the musical night after the dinner organised at Buono Bistro, an Italian Restaurant owned by a HFN supporter and one of the major donors. 

Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), a non-profit organisation registered in the USA and Nepal, was established in 2013. 

HFN provides free health care to the people in underserved communities in Nepal. As of November 2022, HFN has provided comprehensive nutritional health care to more than 5,000 children; community based maternal mental health care to more than 2,400 mothers; integrated mental health care to more than 80 people with serious mental illness; comprehensive non-communicative disease services to more than 2,000 adults; and computer literacy program to thousands of students in 24 schools in Nepal.  

Similarly, after the earthquakes in 2015, HFN established two schools, one hospital, and built 37 residential houses. Likewise, it also provided immediate relief support to thousands of people affected by the earthquake and flooding/landslides in Nepal.