Prem Singh Basnyat honored with award on 260th anniversary of Nepal Army

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Kathmandu: Nepal Army conferred certificate of honor and cash prize on Prem Singh Basnyat, Brigadier General (Retired) of Nepal Army, on the occasion of Nepal Army Day 2023, which also marks 260 years of founding of the country’s military institution.   This is the first of its kind honor and prize awarded to the retired general for contributing to researches on military history and protection of heritage. Chief of Army Staff General Prabhu Ram Sharma handed over the prize to Basnyat.

Prem Singh Basnyat, first PhD in Nepal Army who served in the institution for 30 years, has been involved in researches on Nepal’s history and campaigns for saving the heritage sites and museums.  He has visited almost all the forts, citadels, battlegrounds, army training spots within and outside Nepal, including those located in Greater Nepal territories and has written books and made video materials on those historical sites apart from contributing a number of articles on history and heritage in various media outlets. Basnyat is pursuing this cause more vigorously after his retirement from Nepal Army service.  

Author of several books on military history, Basnyat is the first founder curator and director of the Military Museum. Currently, he is the Chairman of Nepal Museum Association and Executive Board Member of International Committee for Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History (ICOMAM).