Exploring Pakistan-Nepal Buddhist linkages

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Kathmandu: Embassy of Pakistan in Kathmandu organized a symposium titled “Gandhara: Unwinding a History Treasure Trove” to showcase rich Buddhist heritage of Pakistan and historical linkages with Nepal.

The event was held to highlight the historic treasures in form of structures and relics of ancient Gandhara Civilization that are beholden in the plains and valleys of Punjab and KPK Provinces of Pakistan and encourage seekers of historical, cultural and archeological monuments and marvels to have a first-hand experience of witnessing these remarkable motifs.

Dhananjay Regmi, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board who was the chief guest of the program, appreciated the support and interest of Pakistan in the field of Buddhist heritage.

Other speakers at the event shared their views about Pilgrimage to Buddhist Cradle– Taxila and Takht-e-Bahi, Gandhara’s Intellectual Contribution in Buddhism around the Globe, “Preserving History-Promoting Harmony” and “Visiting Gandhara : Viability and Workability”. They lauded the government of Pakistan’s efforts to preserve the rich history and activities to promote harmony among different beliefs. The viability and workability of Gandhara Tourism also remained center point in the discussions.

Ambassador of Pakistan to Nepal Abrar H Hashmi highlighted that the aim of this particular event is to provide a multi fold projection to the potential that Gandhara has for a visit and trip as a tourist, a student of history, a devout Buddhist or a cultural and archaeological enthusiast.