Newa Community Promotes Identity and Culture in the United States

Arjun Pradhan

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Kathmandu: The Newa community in the United States, particularly in 50 states, has been actively involved in promoting their identity, heritage, and culture through different campaigns. Under the leadership of Kishor Pradhan, eight central committees held discussions on the essential needs of the Newa society, issues related to gender and discrimination, cultural preservation, language and script, and tradition.

Ganesh Pradhan, a social worker and singer, engaged in a thorough discussion on the essential aspects of the Newa society, addressing various questions and providing information about the program organized in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Durga Prasad Pradhan, a prominent social worker, stressed the importance of transforming the younger generation and safeguarding the identity of the Newa society. The participants praised the gathering and honor program in Pittsburgh, PA, expressing love and respect towards the organizers.

During the concluding ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA, members commended the organizers for their open appreciation and love for the Newa community. Jeevan Pradhan expressed gratitude, emphasizing the use of the Newa language in domestic conversations and raising awareness about the preservation of language.