Jivesh Jha

Mandatory reading for all who want to know about Nepal’s constitution

The constitution of a country is regarded as the fundamental law of the land which

Five years of local governance: What went wrong?

It is distressing to see that the constitutionally empowered local bodies have failed to emerge

Respect international laws to respect women

As International Women’s Day (IWD) is being celebrated, the world leaders need to pause to

Tame the inflation, ensure greatest good of the greatest number of Nepalis

Jeremy Bentham was of the view that the state’s sole business should be to host

What happens when you formulate laws but do not implement them?

It is commonly presumed that if a law becomes part of the national gazette, the

Animal sacrifice during Dashain: Striking a balance between tradition and practice

Millions of Hindus across the world have begun celebrating the Dashain festival which symbolizes the

Observe your duty, observe the constitution

The Constitution Day (Sambidhan Divas) commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal, which officially

Doom and gloom of Nepali politics

These days I feel hopeless about the future of our constitution and Nepali politics. Efforts

Think about implementing green laws as we celebrate the World Environment Day

As we are celebrating the World Environment Day (WED) on June 5 with the theme

Legal deficiencies in Covid response: A case of Nepal and India

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, fundamental rights relating to life, liberty, food, housing and health of

Educate people, amend laws, provide relief if we are to be safe

It’s getting late to spread the Covid awareness message in Madhesh, in the language they

Nepal’s democracy deserves development and prosperity

Mere enactment of constitutions does not serve the cause of democracy unless the provisions therein