Nishan Khatiwada

Nishan Khatiwada is a correspondent for Nepal Live Today covering political issues. He has previously worked with The Annapurna Express.

Rampant lawlessness: How entire system is under threat from Prime Minister himself 

Kathmandu: Moral values are blatantly undermined. Provocative remarks to ignite violence are tolerated. The person

Early report card of Mayor Balen Shah

Kathmandu: After the 18-point agreement was signed on June 10 among the agitating locals, people’s

Will communist forces come together before the federal polls?

Kathmandu: As the fever of the approaching federal elections has started to hit the Nepali

Congress came first, followed by UML in second position in local polls. Will it shape the outcome of the federal elections? Here are some scenarios

Kathmandu: The local polls-2022 have given some interesting results prompting the intelligentsia and political class

Independent candidates rock Nepal’s local elections. What does it show about opportunities, challenges and messages?

Kathmandu: The independent candidates have rocked Nepal’s local elections-2022. Their challenge and opposition to the

Balen Shah: A youth icon, and a ray of hope amid politics of despair

Kathmandu: In the 2017 local-level elections, Ranju Darshana, a 21-year-old mayoral candidate of the Kathmandu

The idea of ‘alternative politics’ is failing in Nepal. What went wrong?

Kathmandu: Bibeksheel Sajha Party, which claims to be the flagbearer of the alternative politics in

A French mountaineer to test the feasibility of a recently explored new trail to Mount Everest

Kathmandu: Nepal government is likely to give a go-ahead to test the feasibility of a

Voting rights for Nepalis abroad: Full of promises, lack of action

Kathmandu: As Nepal is inching close to May 13 local polls, the issue of the

How will the Nepali Congress-led alliance fare in the metropolitan cities? 

Kathmandu: Despite strong opposition from some prominent party leaders, Nepali Congress (NC) on Tuesday decided

Local governments failed to live up to the people’s aspirations. Will the upcoming election change anything? 

Kathmandu: The local elections of 2017—the first of its kind under the federal constitution—promised decentralization,

Prospects of electoral alliance: Maoist Center and  Unified Socialist want it badly, Nepali Congress  in wait and see

Kathmandu: As the local election is approaching, calculations and estimations about the continuity of the

What is Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ up to?

Kathmandu: Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ has become more active

Deliberations on much-debated MCC Compact in parliament: Who said what?

Kathmandu: Following the agreement among top leaders of the ruling alliance parties, Nepal’s parliament is