The last dance of the old guards

Nabin Kafle

The results of General Election 2022 are out now. With a few exceptions, most veteran

Maoist-Center hell bent on perpetuating power, election results be damned

Kishor Dahal

Kathmandu: Before the federal election, the parties in the ruling alliance were confident about forming

Long read | A comprehensive overview on prospects of growth and development in Nepal
Sameer Khatiwada

Now that the elections are over, and the race to form the new government is

European diplomat faults China for spreading fake news against MCC in Nepal
NL Today

Kathmandu: The ambassador of Germany to Nepal Dr Thomas Prinz said on Friday that China

Commentary | Indecisive election results: Now the battle for new government
Dhan Bahadur Khadka

After Nepal’s federal parliament election results have nearly confirmed that there will be a hung

Preventable deaths: Estimated 19-20 people die of suicide everyday in Nepal
Anshu Khanal

Kathmandu: A woman, originally from Sindhuli, came to Kathmandu for studies. Her marriage was arranged

Youth voice: What youths expect from faces of hope in parliament
Sharana Sherpa and Anjali Shukla

Kathmandu: Several young and energetic leaders have won the parliamentary elections with promises of reforms.

Too many PM hopefuls in Nepali Congress: Who will call the shots?
NL Today

Kathmandu: As the election results have shown a tentative picture of representation of political parties

Commentary | Sobita Gautam and Dr Toshima Karki: New faces kindling hope in Kathmandu and outside
Sharana Sherpa

It is too early to pin big expectations on new faces. But a point to

Rise of rebels, fall of ‘yes-men’
Dhan Bahadur Khadka

Kathmandu: Out of the total 165 constituencies, election results of nearly half of the constituencies

Here is the latest vote counting update of Kathmandu
NL Today

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has started vote counting in all 10 constituencies of Kathmandu district.

Latest vote count updates from Chitwan
NL Today

Kathmandu: With the counting of votes for the election of the House of Representatives, all

Latest vote counting update of Jhapa
NL Today

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has started vote counting in all five constituencies of Jhapa district. Nepal

Latest vote counting update of Lalitpur
NL Today

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has started vote counting in three constituencies of Lalitpur district. Nepal