940 Nepalis rescued from Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Nepalis rescued from Afghanistan at Tribhuvan International Airport. (File photo/NL Today)

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The last group of 32 Nepalis awaiting repatriation after the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has landed in Kathmandu on Saturday, the government said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the statement that now no Nepali is under security threat in Afghanistan, adding that a total of 940 Nepalis were rescued from Afghanistan. Issuing a press statement, the Ministry said that some Nepalis involved in essential jobs in the UN agencies and offices in Afghanistan are working now and they have no security risk.

The Ministry said, “The UN agencies have informed that essential humanitarian and development works will continue and provisions for repatriation would be arranged for all Nepalis working in the UN agencies in case they have any security threat.”

Those repatriated on Saturday include Nepalis landing in Afghanistan without receiving labor permits and Nepalis scattered in small groups in different parts of Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

After the takeover by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the government was making diplomatic efforts through different channels for the security and repatriation of Nepalis working there.

Likewise, the government has expressed its sincere thanks to all national bodies, employers, neighboring countries and UN agencies for their support in the rescue mission of Nepalis.