Lawyers stage sit-in at SC’s entrance demanding CJ’s resignation (in pics)

The umbrella organization of legal practitioners has been staging protests for the past two months demanding the resignation of CJ Rana. (File photo)

Nimesh Jang Rai

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Kathmandu: Legal practitioners associated with the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) staged a sit-in at the entrance of the Supreme Court (SC) on Friday demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana.

The lawyers associated with the umbrella organization of legal practitioners staged the sit-in in an attempt to stop the Chief Justice from entering the apex court. However, the Chief Justice sneaked into the office through the Office of Attorney General.

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Lawyers have been protesting for the past few days demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice. A total of 19 Justices at the apex court have been boycotting benches demanding CJ’s resignation. Earlier, a brief scuffle occurred between lawyers those in favor and against the Chief Justice.

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