In pics: Chandragiri witnesses season’s first snowfall

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Chandragiri, one of the prime touristic destinations of Kathmandu Valley, has witnessed snowfall this morning.

Snowfall took place in Chandragiri hill this morning along with light drizzle since last night. This is the first-time snowfall that capped Chandragiri hill in the winter this year.

General Manager of Chandragiri Hills Limited, Abhishek Bikram Shah informed that the inflow of tourists to the hill has increased since this morning.

Snowfall has occurred in the high hill and mountainous regions of the country with weather changes. According to the Weather Forecast and Meteorology Division, light drizzles took place in different parts of the country since last night.

Kathmandu valley has witnessed a fall in mercury with rainfall since last night.

Photos: RSS/Chandragiri Hills