Is Nepal a small country?

Zhou Shengping

“A small Hindu-majority nation” is an oft-told introduction of Nepal by big Western media. And

Editorial: Make people feel the difference

NL Today

Initial indications show that the Deuba government is also prioritizing politicking over public health. On

Addressing the unnoticed plights of the urban poor
Shreeman Sharma

What is a city? Definitions vary. Generally, it is government authorities who set the benchmarks

What I saw in Afghanistan
Hemant Malla Thakuri

When I reached Afghanistan, the Taliban were out of power. But the violence wreaked by

Is it lawful to appoint the prime minister by the court?
Narayan Manandhar

Ever since the Constitutional Bench gave its second-time verdict on dissolution of the House, the

What happens if PM Deuba fails to secure the vote of confidence?
Narayan Manandhar

With the Supreme Court issuing a mandamus order to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as the

As you celebrate the downfall of KP Oli, don’t miss the bigger picture
Mahabir Paudyal

The alliance of Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, Upendra Yadav-Baburam Bhattarai faction of Janata Samajbadi Party

Editorial: Court paved the way for Nepali Congress to succeed the Oli regime. Opposition alliance should utilize this opportunity to prove itself
NL Today

In a landmark verdict for Nepal’s judicial and political history, the Supreme Court on Monday

China will remain a reliable friend and sincere partner of developing countries
Hou Yanqi

On July 1, we celebrated the centenary of the Communist Party of China with a

Youth awakening during the pandemic
Jagdish Ayer

As the pandemic and the lockdown that followed exasperated many of the societal problems, the

Double burdens on Nepalis: Diseases and out-of-pocket spending
Shreeman Sharma

Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a far cry for Nepal due to poor targets,

All the president’s men: How will the court decide the president’s power?
Narayan Manandhar

With the ending of grueling court deliberations, the Constitutional Bench is expected to deliver its

Unraveling the painful predicaments of caste-based discrimination
Mukesh Baral

We were on our way home and had climbed multiple hills upstream from the basin

Tale of two countries: How China rose to affluence, why Nepal is lagging behind
Suresh Sharma

July 1 was the day of joy in Nepal’s northern neighbor. The whole 1.4 billion