Crime and politics: How politics shapes criminal activity

Bikash Yadav

Crime is often viewed as a social and moral issue, with explanations ranging from individual

Understanding Russia-Ukraine war through international relations theories

Shradha Arjyal Joshi

Theories and principles are primary guiding tools in understanding how the world works and power

How scientific knowledge can contribute to Nepal’s socio-economic development
Gaurav Ojha

When I think of the progress of scientific knowledge, methods, its applications, and its impact

Resistance to land acquisition is posing a challenge to infrastructure projects in Nepal. What can be done?
Niyati Shrestha

The promise of development is always a welcome-news, yet it often comes at a cost.

Nepal, be kind to foreigners
Simone Galimberti

A recent Supreme Court ruling passed quite unobserved though it could have long-term implications for

Wonder how democratic values were consolidated in ancient times? Look back to Vedas and scriptures
Jivesh Jha

The Vedas are the most authentic repository of knowledge to support mankind in every pursuit

Powering Nepal’s future
Prakash Maharjan

The energy sector in Nepal is at a crucial turning point.  From a country that

Why media should have the access to court proceedings
Bivek Chaudhary

In today’s world, where information is power, it is crucial for the media to have

Twelfth amendment of Public Procurement Regulation: Implications on construction regime
Nabin Kafle

Federal Nepal has seen a surge in the number of construction projects under all tiers

Rabi Lamichhane and pandora’s box of Nepali media
Rishi Ram Paudyal

After the former Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Nepal Rabi Lamichhane resigned from

Nepal family cohort study: New opportunities for population health study
Dr Om Kurmi

Upon pursuing the current time’s need for a good understanding of the direct or indirect

Nepal and EU fight food insecurity together
Jutta Urpilainen

The right to food is a basic human right. It is also a key objective

Samantha Power’s upcoming Nepal visit: Let there be some big announcements
Simone Galimberti

Samantha Power, first as a journalist and then as a senior official with the American

Business practices in Nepal: Uncovering human rights concerns
Niyati Adhikari

On January 24, a heart-breaking incident took place in which a young entrepreneur from Ilam,