Why yoga matters in today’s world

Dr Ajay Risal

 Yoga, the word with a Sanskrit origin (root-‘Yuj’), literally means “to unite” or “to join”.

Road to climate action: What can Nepal do?

Simone Galimberti

This should be one of the most important, most visible and talked about institutions of

Health infrastructure investment in Nepal: Efficiency and equity
Subash Bhattarai

In developing countries like Nepal, where resources are generally limited and healthcare disparities are visible,

Rebuilding trust, reigniting global solidarity
Pushpa Kamal Dahal

There could be no better time to deliberate on the theme ‘Rebuilding Trust and Reigniting

Combating cancer: Role of preventive oncology
Dr Parth Guragain

In the realm of healthcare, few challenges are as daunting and as devastating as the

Population dynamics of Nepal: Progress and challenges
Won Young Hong

The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Program of Action (PoA), ratified by 179

G20 Summit: How the West lost plot to India
Simone Galimberti

I read it several times and each time I found it more and more shocking.

Analyzing procurement laws in relation to local government procurement
Ashesh Shrestha

Public Procurement accounts for 13 to 20 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Watch and shoot: How should Nepal navigate complex India-China-US geopolitics?
Gaurav Shamsher Rana

The emerging pattern of Nepal-China relations is as unclear as the emerging pattern of destructive

Power vs rights of indigenous people
Simone Galimberti

Can a developing country so desperate to earn foreign currency and reduce its balance of

What ails Nepal’s health? What should be done to cure it?
Gagan Thapa

As a nation, we have made remarkable strides to achieve better health and longevity rapidly

Ensure clean air for blue skies: Urgent call for global convention on air pollution
Pema Gyamtsho

“Air pollution is the greatest external threat to human life expectancy on the planet” reads

Decoding the minimum wage debate
Anjila Shrestha

The recent announcement made by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security to increase

Why Dalit Lives Matter
Simone Galimberti

Pradip Pariyar is the Founder and Chair of Dalit Lives Matter Global Alliance (DLMGA) and