Why Nepal should balance geopolitics and take advantage from China

Simone Galimberti

Nepal, as an emerging country and neighbor of China, should really wish well to President

Is Apoorwa a stand-up offender?

Manjeet Mishra

Stand-up comedian Apoorwa Kshitiz Singh landed in trouble for allegedly satirizing Newari culture–from their delicacies

A manifesto of an ordinary Nepali citizen
Dr Nirmal Kandel

Political parties are developing their election manifestos for the upcoming parliamentary elections, but do they

The 20th National Congress of Communist Party of China: Implications for Nepal and the world
Suresh Sharma

On October 16, more than 2,300 delegates gathered in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People

Dangers of blindly following traditions without questioning
Ruchi Dhital

Once, there was a sage with his disciples in the forest. Every time he prayed

Federal and provincial elections: Test for the independent candidates  
Simone Galimberti

As Nepal is in festive season while the preparations for the upcoming general elections are

Long read | Beyond the bill: What lies behind the controversy on Nepal’s citizenship legislation?
Mahabir Paudyal

A new controversy grips Nepali politics as the government and head of state face-off over

Breaking the bottlenecks to regional hydropower connectivity
Sanjila Shrestha

Nepal has come a long way from being a power-starved nation to a power surplus

Seed security: A path to secured agriculture sector in Nepal 
Niyati Shrestha

‘Nepal is primarily an agricultural country.’ This statement is not new for us. Thanks to

Animal sacrifice during Dashain: Striking a balance between tradition and practice
Jivesh Jha

Millions of Hindus across the world have begun celebrating the Dashain festival which symbolizes the

Dashain is changing but what lies behind this change?
Ram Bahadur Karki

There are three branches of Hinduism: Shaivism which puts Shiva as the greatest creator of

World’s watershed moment and Nepal
Bharat Raj Paudyal

We are living indeed in a watershed moment. A moment when the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical

Solid waste management in Kathmandu and the way forward
Nabin Kafle

After the recent local-level elections, the newly-elected Mayor Balendra Shah’s initiatives have been praiseworthy in

Nepal-China relations: Era of confrontations from 1788 to 1855 
Laxmi Basnyat

Much during the Malla era, Nepal was a prosperous country. Nepal used to mint and