Over 500,000 people leave Valley for Dashain

A high number of people’s movements are recorded during the festival as people flock to their native towns to celebrate the festival.

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Kathmandu: With each passing day since Ghathasthapa, the first day of the 10-day festivity-Dashain, people are leaving Kathmandu Valley in greater numbers for their respective hometowns.

Long queues of both public and private vehicles are seen going out from every checkpoint in Kathmandu Valley. On Saturday, alone, the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police said that over 200,000 people left the Valley.

On the first day of Dashain, around 60,000 people were recorded leaving the Valley. On last Friday, 84,000 people left the Valley, said Awadesh Bista Chettri, Superintendent of Police and Joint Spokesperson at the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police.

Altogether 553,485 people left the Valley in total 50,000 public vehicles from October 26 to October 1, SP Chettri added.

Traffic police assume that the number could be higher since there was no record of those who left the Valley in reserved and private vehicles via different checkpoints.