Anushka Nepal

Women in Nepal struggle to get their rightful share of ancestral property

Kathmandu: For years, women in Nepal were not entitled to receive ancestral property, even in

Kathmandu Metropolitan’s canine conundrum

Kathmandu: Kathmandu’s streets are replete with abandoned and stray dogs, many of them wounded and

Nepal’s waste (mis)management problem

Kathmandu: Nepal has three major waste landfills—in Sisdol, Pokhara, and Karaute Danda—of which, the former

Despite constitutional mandate, women’s representation in Nepali politics remains minimal

Kathmandu: After the constitution made it mandatory for the political parties to have at least

Ruby Khan calls off hunger strike following agreement with government

Kathmandu: Ruby Khan, a women’s rights activist who had been leading the protest to demand

Nepal sees a staggering spike in road crashes

Kathmandu: The number of road crashes Nepal has witnessed in the past few years is

The silversmith of Paknajol

Kathmandu: Down the busy streets of Paknajol is a small, dusty shop where Sitaram Silwal

Durga Ghimire: The pioneering savior of trafficked girls

Kathmandu: When Durga Ghimire was younger, she once made a trip across Nepal that would

Justice for Nirmala Kurmi elusive as Nepalgunj agitators launch second round of sit-in protests

Kathmandu: Protestors from Nepalgunj are once again in Kathmandu. They have started a sit-in protest

Review: Katha Ghera’s adaptation of “Animal Farm” takes a jibe at Nepali kleptocracy

Kathmandu: The spread of a deadly pathogen has kept the anthropomorphic animals on their toes.

Nepal has yet to legalize same sex marriage, leaving couples disoriented

Kathmandu: Lockdown was harsh for everyone, but it was even tougher for the people who

Charimaya Tamang: ‘Who will wipe out the tears of trafficking survivors if I start crying myself?’

Kathmandu: In April 1994, Charimaya Tamang, then 16, was abducted from a forest in Sindhupalchowk

“We will not stop”: Nepalgunj protestors’ long march to justice and the road ahead

Kathmandu: On September 17, a total of 17 people left Nepalgunj for Kathmandu, on foot,

On UN Day, Nepali activists draw the organization’s attention to the precarity of human rights in Afghanistan

Kathmandu: Marking the 76th United Nations’ Day, on October 24, a group of Nepali activists