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Looking for a good place with a great breakfast? Look no further than Café Soma

Kathmandu: Located in Baluwatar, Café Soma is known for its great outdoor sitting, filled with

In “Where The Wild Things Are”, Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha interprets the pandemic and female power through ceramic arts

Kathmandu: Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, ceramic artist Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha indulged himself in

A new Nepali short film takes an incident of sexual coercion to explore the concept of consent

Kathmandu: In romantic relationships, there can be problems when it comes to intimacy, especially regarding

Reservation for whom?

Kathmandu: In September, 2020, Binaya Kumar Panjiyar,  an MBBS graduate, filed a writ at the

Hima Bista: “We can not make everyone happy”

Kathmandu: When Hima  Bista was a child, she and her family once traveled all over

Women deputy mayors speak up about discriminations they face

Kathmandu: In a society like Nepal where patriarchy has been the norm for decades, people

Come for the coffee, stay for the ambiance

Kathmandu: Coffee, which was previously located in Thamel, has been open for nearly four

The bowls that sing—and heal

Kathmandu: Sound has been used to heal people across various cultures and traditions in the

Will the Deuba administration be any different for women in terms of representation?

Kathmandu: For Nepali women, a change in government means little in terms of their participation

“We need to make some noise”: Activists decry discriminations based on caste, gender and disability

Kathmandu: Nepal’s legislation prohibits discrimination on the basis of caste, but Dalits still face discrimination

A popular Nepali Instagram page gets roundly criticized for promoting objectification of women

Kathmandu: On Thursday, an Instagram account, NAJ Entertainment, which has over 139,000 followers, posted a

Dr Suravi Pandey: “Having both parents work in the frontline has also been challenging for our son”

Kathmandu: Despite all the difficulties and risks she faces, Dr Suravi Pandey, a consultant in

Dr Sunil Acharya: “Lockdown might be over but Covid isn’t”

Kathmandu: Dr. Sunil Acharya, a general physician at Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, recalls a

Trans people in Terai endure a life of harassment, assault and disrepute

Kathmandu: Sapna Didi, 35 years old, was ostracized by her family after she transitioned into