Anushka Nepal

Not letting emotions get the better of her

Kathmandu: Nurses look after their patients until they recover, and they continue to do so

“My duty is never done; there is no time limit to it. I am on duty every moment of every day,” Dr Ujjwol Risal

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The historical landmark of Nepal, Dharahara, stands only after 6 years of its fall; yet transparency of expenditure is questioned

Kathmandu: Nepal always holds pessimistic trends when it comes to the completion of development projects.

Mass death of vultures: A blow to Nepal’s conservation efforts

Kathmandu: Recent deaths of 67 vultures in Jitpur, Nawalparasi (West) has startled many Wildlife Conservationists

Sexual harassment: A horrifying reality of public transport in Nepal

Kathmandu: Sexual harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of abuse in public transportation.