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How a video by a VJ sparked a conversation on caste-based discrimination prevalent in Nepal’s urban areas

Kathmandu: On June 15, Rupa Sunar, a VJ associated with Image Channel, posted a video

Bhushan Kumar Shrestha: If our fellow doctors and soldiers are keeping their lives at risk to help others, so can I

Kathmandu: With the government failing to take care of people lying on the lower rungs

Nurse Seema Subedi: “I will serve people as long as the pandemic requires me to”

Kathmandu: While moving across the ICU Ward, tending one patient to another, it’s not unusual

Helping the helpless during lockdown

Kathmandu: The pandemic has brought an economic and financial crisis to many working-class households along

Domestic violence—an epidemic amidst the pandemic

Kathmandu: The safest place to be during the pandemic is supposed to be one’s own

Nurses help save lives, but are their and their loved ones’ lives safe?

Kathmandu: For Pratiksha Shah, a nursing in-charge at an isolation center established by Nagarjun Municipality,

Pulmonologist Anusmriti Pal: “It is daunting to watch patients lose their lives slowly and not be able to do much about it”

Kathmandu: “I am constantly surrounded by a looming sense of fear and helplessness,” says Dr

Anesthesiologist Ramesh Bhattarai: “I became a doctor to save lives, I will do whatever is in my power to do so”

Kathmandu: Dr Ramesh Bhattarai is an anesthesiologist at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences Teaching Hospital 

‘The dead bodies keep on coming,’ says Subash Karki, coordinator of Pashupati electric crematorium

Kathmandu: Subash Karki took charge of the Pashupati Electric Crematorium on May 16, 2020. That

The efforts to keep stray animals hunger-free in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu: Street animals depend on humans for food as they overcome their hunger by feeding

How thoracologist Dr Santa Kumar Das is coping with the pandemic

Kathmandu: Dr Santa Kumar Das, a thoracologist (chest physician) at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in

“Most ambulance drivers are working without any PPE”

Kathmandu: Suraj Tiwari is an ambulance driver at Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital, Butwal. Providing

‘My profession has given me tears of both joy and pain’

Kathmandu: While many of her relatives and friends have been worrying about her health and

Dowry related violence could escalate during the pandemic

Kathmandu: Though Nepal’s constitution prohibits dowry practices, hundreds of women across the country are still