Decoding the double standards of Province-2 governor

Randhir Chaudhary

In February, President Bidya Bhandari unexpectedly replaced Tilak Pariyar with Rajesh Jha (Ahiraj) for the

Editorial: Spare no efforts to save lives from monsoon disasters—and Covid-19

NL Today

While Nepal is in the throes of a deadly second wave of the pandemic, the

This is how PM Oli told bald-faced lies to the Supreme Court
Narayan Manandhar

On June 16, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli submitted his response to show cause

‘Three plus one’ command structure of Nepal Army: How will it help our cause?
Suresh Sharma

Many may wonder what “three plus one” is. It actually is a formal concept Nepal

Does death penalty deter rape?
Arpana KC

Whenever rape cases are reported, social media sites are overloaded with calls for capital punishment

How KP Oli is imperiling Nepali democracy
Bhanu Bokhim

It is often said there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent

Third people’s movement is inevitable. It is only a matter of when
Narayan Manandhar

PM Oli has torn and trampled the constitution to an indistinguishable shape. This provides a

Post-secular world: Is God dead?
Bimal Pratap Shah

Nihilism, often associated with extreme pessimism and radical skepticism, is the belief that all values

Rules of communication during the Covid-19 pandemic
Niraj Shrestha

The role of health communication has been critical in implementing the standard preventative and control

A call for action to fight against child labor
Simone Galimberti

The recently commemorated World Environment Day and the launch of a new UN Decade on

Investigative journalism is not dying
Kriti Bhuju

The article has been removed due to plagiarism issue. We regret the oversight. – Editor

Why China should not be viewed as an alien state
Xia Lu

In 2015, The Little Red Book made the headlines in the UK. The then Shadow

What’s in budget for startups, SMEs and FDI?
Deepak Sharma

The budget of Rs. 1647.57 billion recently unveiled by the government for this fiscal year

Budget 2021 and Nepal’s science and technology landscape
Dr Raju Adhikari

The government unveiled a budget of Rs 1,647.57 billion for the fiscal year 2021-2022, close